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Teachers Meet Human Rights

With the acceptance of the declaration of Human Rights Education the UN Human Rights Council has emphasized the importance of Human Rights Education with regard to the enforcement of human rights. However the adoption of the declaration also raises expectations.

Expectations of teachers who broach the issue of human rights with their pupils but also expectations concerning the professional development of teachers in order to give them the necessary knowledge to pursue sustainable and meaningful human rights education. This fundamental idea is the basis of the project “Teachers Meet Human Rights” of the Centre for Human Rights Education (ZMRB) of the PH Luzern.

“Teachers Meet Human Rights” not only emphasizes the importance of but is also orientated according to the basic principles of human rights education.In doing so, the participating teachers are comprehensively informed and trained as to how human rights education can be pursued and in which areas of school it has an impact.

The project pursues the following fundamental ideas:

  • Conceptual support and promotion of Human Rights Education at Swiss Schools

  • The systematic professional development of teachers in human rights education at all levels of education. This includes:

    • Teaching the basic knowledge about human rights
    • What does human rights education include?
    • How does human rights education with children and teenagers work using the “Kompass” and «Compasito»?
    • Which materials and teaching aids exist?
    • How can human rights education be realized in school?
    • Which problems and challenges could occur in schools and how can they be solved?

  • The support of teachers applying human rights and the realization of projects in the area of human rights education
  • The exchange and discussion with other teachers